2957 Shell Road

Brooklyn, NY

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2957 Shell Road, Brooklyn, NY 11224

Neighborhood: Coney Island

Asset Type: Development Site/Land

Lot Sq Ft: 71,139 ft



Besen & Associates, as exclusive agent, is pleased to offer a rare opportunity to acquire the fee simple interest in 2957 Shell Road, Brooklyn, New York 11224 (the “Property” or the “Development Site”). The Property is a 71,139-square foot vacant lot ready for development in the Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn. The Property sits on a 288.17 foot by 284.57 foot blockfront street that fronts three different streets: Shell Road, Neptune Avenue, and West 6th Street. 


The Property is located in the Special Ocean Parkway District (OP), within the R6 zoning district. The OP special district emcompasses a band of blocks east and west of the Ocean Parkway between Prospect Park and Brighton
Beach. The Property is zoned for residential, community facility, and quality housing. As of right, total buildable square feet with a maximum residential Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 2.43 is approximately 172,868 sf.


Additionally, the Property qualifies for Quality Housing Program bonus which increases the allowable FAR to 3.0 and increases total buildable square feet to approximately 213,417 sf. However, the Quality Housing Program requires amenities relating to interior space, recreation areas and landscaping. The Property also has a 4.8 FAR for Community Facility use which equates to 341,467 total buildable square feet.


The Development Site located in south Brooklyn is a short walk to numerous local attractions and mass transit. Nearby tenants include Trump Village Center, McDonald’s, Walgreens, Radio Shack, Key Food, Apple Bank, Capital One Bank, and CVS Pharmacy.


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