Competitive and creative financing solutions for income-producing and development properties.



Besen Capital arranges commercial real estate mortgage loans including acquisition, bridge, permanent, construction, securitized, hard money, and revolving credit lines on all types of commercial real estate assets including multifamily, mixed use, retail, underlying co-op mortgages, industrial, office, and hotels. We work closely with our clients to determine the best financing structure given their investment criteria.

Our unique approach provides our clients with a historical Asset Management Report (“AMR”) in order to strategically evaluate their property by proposing either cost-cutting measures, or improvements in order to maximize value. The Besen Capital and Asset Management teams work in tandem to provide this insightful, in-depth AMR to ensure the asset is properly strengthened by the financing structure.

Besen Capital’s team has financed over $1 billion in commercial real estate loans in the NYC metro area. Our expertise, deep connection to lenders, and proven track record has allowed us to provide real estate investors with creative and financially strategic financing solutions.