Property Management

The Besen Group operates NYC Management, a property and asset management firm that manages  2,000+ apartments and 200+ retail stores throughout the New York City Metro area.



NYC Management works to earn the respect and loyalty of owners by delivering the highest level of personalized attention and service to all aspects of operating assets, including:



  • Billing & Rent Collections

  • Budgeting/Asset Management

  • New Revenue Evaluations & Implementations

  • Operational Efficiences and Process Management

  • Zoning & Architectural Studies

  • Tenant Relations

  • Leasing

  • Payroll and Staffing

  • Accounting and Legal

  • Repairs and Renovations

  • Supplier, Contractor and Union Relations

  • Violations Monitoring & Removal

  • Return on Improvements J-51 and other Tax Abatements

  • Financial Reporting and Accounting

  • Construction Management

  • Cost Benefit Analyses of Capital Improvements



NYC Management’s seasoned professional staff consists of licensed property managers, engineers and attorneys, and is supported by a dedicated team of field managers and administrators with vast experience to provide quantifiable results. The team treats every property as an individual business with an owner’s level of care and concern to create or enhance value and increase the bottom line.

In New York City, extensive knowledge is required of local laws and acute attention to detail in order to properly manage commercial and residential real estate assets. NYC Management uncovers value and creates efficiencies, which ultimately results in the service paying for itself.

Owners are in good hands with NYC Management on duty in their buildings.