FOR SALE: $7.2 Million 339 Grand Street (at Ludlow Street)



339 Grand Street (at Ludlow Street)



This three-and-a-half-story Federal-style rowhouse (the half-story is under the peaked roof), a city-designated landmark completed by John Jacob Astor as part of five rowhouses in 1833, is available on the Lower East Side, a block from Essex Crossing. The 4,200-square-foot rowhouse, taking up the entire 17½-foot-by-80-foot lot, is to be delivered vacant. Until 1950, it was in the hands of the family of Astor’s granddaughter Cecilia Langdon de Nottbeck. Since 1965, it has been home to Ideal Hosiery shop, which is also a current owner of the building.


Seller: N & F Realty Corporation

Brokers: Alan P. Miller, Besen & Associates, and Tzipporah Wexler, Grand Success Realty